I had Spencer represent me. As a result, I am an enthusiastic endorser for Spencer. Spencer Cohn is a National Employee Representative for the unemployed who are appealing the denial of their unemployment benefit application. Very few attorneys will take this type of case and there are few if any alternatives for representation in an appellate hearing. Spencer is very reasonable in his fee and diligent in working with his client in preparation for the hearing. This is a game that you will lose if you don’t know how to play it, and virtually no one knows how to play it-how is that going to work out? Not very well for the “little guy” usually. Spencer’s batting average is very good as well-that’s the whole point.

In today’s hostile employment environment, many unemployment applications are denied or challenged as a typical response. Appealing a denial or an employer appeal is part of the process. If you don’t know what you are doing-good luck-you will definitely need it. I know.  — Will

I would be remiss If I didn’t take the time to write this review. Mr. Cohn was phenomenal! He went in and made it happen for me with my employer. I came out a WINNER and I would like to Thank him for helping me. I would recommend him highly in your defense against your employer. I told all my friends and family about him! Again thank you! I was glad to have him in my corner I give thanks to God for sending him my way.  — Kawana

Spencer Cohn, a National Employee Representative, is absolutely amazing. He helps people like myself who have lost their jobs when the is no one else to help. He is undoubtedly the guy you want to represent you at your unemployment hearing. When my unemployment was initially denied he helped me prove that I had quit my job with “Good Cause” and was awarded the unemployment benefits my family so despartly needed. Spencer should be recognized for what he does for the less fortunate in our country. All to often the hard working employees are beaten down by their employers. I truly feel others should know about Spencer and what he can do to help, he was truly a blessing to my family.  — Amy

I thought the reason my employer terminated me may have been just, but it was not. I was hoping that my employer wouldn’t contest the unemployment, but he did. On the date of termination, there was no evidence that I was placed on notice that working elsewhere was prohibited. There was no contention that I was engaging in behavior specifically injurious to my employer’s interest, such as theft of clientele. We all should know how to defend ourselves in the workplace and know our rights. Spencer does just that, he is an expert and knows how to beat the boss!

A little about me…I was employed for 9 years at a CPA firm and my employer terminated me for misconduct due to a website and facebook page I created to start up my own practice. I was denied unemployment and I had to request a hearing with the Administrative Law Judge. I was fortunate enough to come across Spencer’s website and he represented me at the ALJ hearing. I was very pleased with his representation and got satisfaction from the questions he asked my employer. I received the notice of decision today and we won!  — Tina

As a middle class employee, WE have rights. Its just we don’t know what and how to access these rights. I state that because if more of us were aware, middle class wouldn’t be so expendable to our bosses, owners and our residing states, as we have been in the last ten years.. After I searched and spoke with attorneys about a small portion of my rights (EDD) as an employee I was fired and going through an injury I sustained at my career. All the lawyers I spoke with wanted nothing to do with my EDD portion of my problem. I spoke with the few that actually returned my calls. Why? Why? Not enough money to show up at a hearing? True, you can go to hearings you have appealed by your self. Folks the system is a stacked deck against you! Burden of proof is for employer to prove and all the employer has to is trip you up a couple times and your not getting your safety net, EDD benefits. I cant stress how important it is for all employees to keep track of your thoughts about situations at work. You never know when you’ll have to recall them.
Just when I thought there was no help for me as a middle class employee, I stumbled on to Spencer. He answered his phone when I called in appropriate times to discuss my case. He coached me, He represented me. He was there by phone during my hearing while my employer for 45 minutes not only ruined my reputation, but alleged I was a criminal. Sound familiar? Or you’ll soon see. My experience with Spencer was everything I needed to get through my rights as an American. I can hold my head high without regrets knowing I did my part. Spencer handled my hearing like a pro, its a stacked deck for the middle class so do your part and talk to Spencer. — Amazon customer

Oh my God, oh my God!!! Was the only thing and words going through my mind while hearing Spencer tear up my employers on the appeals call. I did not have to say a word. Spencer just tore them apart he is the man to call to fight for your rights and getting your benefits and getting your case won. I cannot thank him enough. His fee is very reasonable. For what he does and how he fights for you he should be asking more. Again oh my god oh my God I am in absolute awe with this man expertise and experience and he is a pitbull when it comes to tearing up your employer. Thank you again Spencer: God bless you. — Carmen

WOW!!! I followed a link on the Kentucky Unemployment website that connected me to Spencer Cohn, a representative who fights for your unemployment benefits at an official hearing should your boss deny you your right to your money. Spencer is highly trained to recognize your problem and the areas you need to stress at the hearing. He asks difficult questions to the employer and probes for more information when needed. I contacted him about my case. As we discussed my situation, I was impressed with his employment knowledge and interaction with me. I hired him on the spot! Our hearing, extended three times, was completed this afternoon. Spencer was awesome as my spokesman. His summation statement reiterated the fact that the employer had failed to prove their case and according to KRS Statute I had every right to my unemployment benefits! He is the best! Thanks again Spencer Cohn! UPDATE: Received notice today that Spencer won the case for me! I will receive my unemployment benefits! — AmOp

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